Search Public Records in Grant County, WV. Results May Include: Marriage and Divorce Records, Criminal Records, Birth and Death Records, Probate Documents, Land Records, Arrests, Addresses, Liens and Judgments.

Grant County, West Virginia Overview

Grant County is located in the state of West Virginia. The county was formed in February 14, 1866 and named after Ulysses S. Grant. The county seat is Petersburg. As of 2015, the county has a population of 11,766. The county has a total area of 480 square miles, 477 square miles of which is land, and 2.9 square miles is water. The county consists of 11 ZIP codes, with ZIP code 26847 recorded as the one with the largest population. Grant County borders the following counties: Pendleton County, West Virginia to the south; Hardy County, West Virginia to the east; Tucker County, West Virginia to the west; Mineral County, West Virginia to the northeast; Preston County, West Virginia and Garrett County, Maryland to the northwest, and; Randolph County, West Virginia to the southwest.

Grant County Clerk Information

Each county elects a county clerk whose responsibilities include the management of records of the county commission and election duties. The primary responsibilities center around two basic functions:

  • To act as clerk (fiscal officer) of the county commission
  • To act as the receiver of fees charged for the instruments filed and recorded within the county.

To carry out the numerous duties, the clerk of the county commission may select deputies and other employees. The budget for the operation of the county clerk’s office as a whole is determined by the county commission. The salary range for county clerks is from $47,309 – $62,093 and is required to be full-time in Class I-V counties. Their duties include:

  • Issuance of marriage licenses, birth and death certificates
  • Record births, marriages and deaths in the county
  • Serve as Chief Voter Registration Official for the county; register qualified voters
  • Maintain custody and integrity of the county’s voting machines, ballot boxes and other election supplies
  • Conduct training sessions for poll clerks and other election officials prior to their service
  • Serve as the recorder of all documents
  • Keep records of County Commission transactions
  • Keep minutes of all County Commission meetings
  • Oversee guardianship appointments
  • Prepare and send to all heirs a Notice to Redeem and take care of publications, redemptions or recording deeds with regard to delinquent property
  • Responsible for the bookkeeping of the county including budget, accounting and payroll
  • Assist the County Commission in their absence
  • Responsible for public notice of all Commission meetings
  • Serve as Secretary to the Civil Service Commissions
  • Issue hunting and fishing licenses
  • Provide notary services
  • Issue military service discharge records
  • Probate wills and assist in administration of estates
  • Conduct absentee voting and early voting, prepare ballots, accept candidate filings, and other election-related duties

An application form for a copy of birth certificate in the Grant County is linked below. Information regarding the person requesting and the person being requested is needed. You may send the application form by mail. Further information can be seen in the form.

Below is the physical address of the County Clerk:

Seymour “Bud” Fisher, Grant County Clerk
5 Highland Avenue
Petersburg, WV 26847
Phone: 304-257-4550
Fax: 304-257-4207

Grant County Circuit Clerk Information

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is elected in each county to carry out administrative functions and to act as record-keeper for circuit court actions in that county. The office of the clerk is authorized by Article 8, Section 9 of the West Virginia Constitution. The Circuit Clerk is an officer within the judicial system and plays a pivotal role in that system. The West Virginia Constitution establishes a hierarchy of administrative control that gives overall authority for the entire judicial system to the Supreme Court of Appeals. Local administrative authority lies in the circuit court, including the office of circuit clerk with regard to the clerk’s judicial functions but the clerk has autonomy to establish procedures and policies necessary to carry out statutory responsibilities. The salary range is $42,240 to $55,440 and is required to be full-time in Class I-V counties. Examples of duties and responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the Clerk to the Circuit and Family Court
  • Issue mesne (during the progress of a case) process
  • Issue final process to enforce and execute judgments
  • Appoint a guardian ad litem where required
  • Respond to other requests that do not require a court order
  • Responsible for all papers filed in the office; serve as registrar, recorder and custodian for all pleadings, documents and funds pertaining to cases filed in circuit court and family court
  • Responsible for the administration and management of the petit and grand jury systems in the county
  • Create the master list of prospective jurors; select panels for attendance, qualify and summon jurors; provide juror orientation, and monitor jurors’ attendance and mileage
  • Serve as fee officer of the court
  • Report various statistics to other governmental agencies
  • Appoint deputy clerks subject to the review of the court and/or county commission

Circuit Clerk Website:

Below is the physical address of the Circuit Clerk:

Angela VanMeter, Grant County Circuit Clerk
5 Highland Avenue
Petersburg, WV 26847
Phone: 304-257-4545
Fax: 304-257-2593

Grant County Assessor Information

The Assessor of every county is elected every four years. The position is required to be full-time in all but Class X counties. The base salary range is $42,874 – $50,266 with additional fixed compensation of $6,500 to $15,000 for duties specified in state law and supplemental pay up to 10% of salary for additional duties relating to agriculture. All property shall obtain from every person who is liable to assessment a full and correct description of all personal property. In most counties, this is done by mailing an assessment form to all individuals and businesses. Assessors are required to visit all real estate at least once every three years but all property is to be market value on an annual basis. The Assessor shall finish the work of assessment and complete the land and personal property books not later than the 30th day of January.

Land and Personal Property books are to completed in time to submit to the Board of Equalization and Review no later than the first day of February of that assessment year. The Assessor and assistants shall attend the Board of Equalization and Review and render any possible assistance in connection with the valuation of property.

The Assessor shall annually, not later than the third day of March, furnish to the Recorder or Clerk of Cities and Towns, Secretary to the Board of Education, State Board of Education and the County Commission, along with Public Utilities, certification of the assessed values for the current year. The levying bodies are required to use these values to prepare their budget estimates and lay the levies.

Once levy rates are certified to the Auditor, they are certified to the Assessor and are entered into the computer to allow the Sheriff to print tax tickets. Assessors determine values and in turn, the levies set by levying bodies, including excess levies, determine tax revenue.

Below is the physical address of the Assessor:

Ralph Layton, Grant County Assessor
5 Highland Avenue
Petersburg, WV 26847
Phone: 304-257-1050
Fax: 304-257-4117

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