Search Public Records in Curry County, OR. Results May Include: Marriage and Divorce Records, Criminal Records, Birth and Death Records, Probate Documents, Land Records, Arrests, Addresses, Liens and Judgments.

Curry County, Oregon Overview

Curry County is located in the state of Oregon. The county was formed in December 18, 1855 and its county seat is Gold Beach. The county has a total population of 22,713, as of 2016, with its area spanning 1988 square miles (land area being 1627 square miles, while water area being 361 square miles). The county consists of 6 ZIP codes, with ZIP code 97415 recorded as the one with the largest population. Curry County borders the following counties: Coos County, Oregon to the north; Del Norte County, California to the south; Josephine County, Oregon to the east, and; Douglas County, Oregon to the northeast.

Curry County Clerk Information

The County Clerk’s Office keeps all of the records of the Board of Commissioners, recording of deeds and other items affecting the title of property. Other recorded and filed documents include Marriage Licenses/Certificates, Domestic Partnerships, Military Discharges (DD214’s), Mining Records, Oaths, and Taxing District Budgets.

Elections Division

The Elections Division coordinates and conducts all elections in Curry County. It ensures that elections are in compliance with Federal, State and Local Elections Laws. It directs the preparation and maintenance of records related to voting activities, candidates and special district services, precincting, programming, printing and distribution of elections ballots.

This office is prohibited from:

  • Giving Legal Advice
  • Helping Fill Out Documents
  • Accepting Illegible Documents
  • Recording Documents Other Than Those Specified by Oregon and Federal Law

Legibility Requirements:

In accordance with state laws, the County Clerk’s Office shall preserve all records affecting the title to real property. All documents are permanent records and must be eligible for the integrity of the public record.

Marriage License Information

To obtain a marriage license each applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years old or seventeen (17) years old with parent or legal guardian’s consent (ORS 106.010).Please contact their office for instructions if you are seventeen (17) years old. The license can be used anywhere within the State of Oregon. There is a three (3) day waiting period before a license may be used and the license is valid for sixty (60) days after the effective date.

Applicants need to appear together when they apply for their marriage license. Each must bring picture identification showing their date of birth. No blood tests are required. The marriage license is $50 and no checks accepted.

Requesting a Certified Copy of Your Marriage Certificate

A request for a certified copy may be submitted in writing to their office and mailed with a check for $7.75 + $4.00 for any additional copies requested. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope or $3.00 for postage & handling.

Mail Request to:
Curry County Clerk
94235 Moore St, Suite 212
Gold Beach OR 97444

Below is the physical address of the County Clerk:

Reneé Kolen, Curry County Clerk
29821 Ellensburg Ave
94235 Moore Street, Suite 212
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Phone: (541) 247-3297

Curry County Assessor Information

You can access assessor maps from the office of the Assessor from the website below. The Oregon Map is a website that hosts the maps from the office of every Assessor located in the state of Oregon. On the website, there is an available search engine where you can search a lot of Assessor related records.

The 1999 Oregon Legislature provided funding for ORMAP (the Oregon Map) through a document-recording fee collected by the counties. This money is put into the ORMAP fund, separate from the state General Fund, to be used only for the development of the Oregon Map.

The ORMAP project will develop a statewide property tax parcel base map that is digital, publicly accessible, and continually maintained. This move from paper to computer-based mapping will help and improve the administration of the property tax system. In addition, it will allow public and private organizations to support a wide variety of GIS (geographic information system) applications. In addition to the maps themselves you will find information about our program, the funding for counties, contact information, meeting schedules, links to county websites, help in using this site, and steps to take if you want further access to the data.

Below is the physical address of the Assessor:

Jim Kolen, Curry County Assessor
94235 Moore Street,
Ste 221,
Gold Beach, OR 97444
Phone (Assessment): 541-247-3294
Phone (Tax): 541-247-3305
Fax: 541-247-2387

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