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Merrimack County, New Hampshire Overview

Merrimack County is located in the state of New Hampshire. Named after the Merrimack River, the county was formed in 1823 and its county seat is Concord. The county has a total population of 148,582, as of 2016, with its area spanning 956 square miles (land area being 934 square miles, while water area being 22 square miles). The county consists of 30 ZIP codes, with ZIP code 3301 recorded as the one with the largest population. Merrimack County borders the following counties: Hillsborough County, New Hampshire to the south; Strafford County, New Hampshire to the east; Sullivan County, New Hampshire to the west; Belknap County, New Hampshire to the northeast; Grafton County, New Hampshire to the northwest, and; Rockingham County, New Hampshire to the southeast.

Merrimack County Register Information

Merrimack County was incorporated in 1823. Some of the records date back before that time and some records are located in other Counties previous to 1823.

All of the records are indexed as Grantor and Grantee. Grantors include Sellers, Debtors, Assignors and Mortgagors. Grantees include Buyers, Assignees and Mortgagees.

Indexes are available on the computer system. For older records, you can also find some of the original books available, depending on the time frame that you are looking for.

The computer terminals, located in the records room and in the main office, contain index information and images from *1920 Grantor only and from approx. *1955 for the Grantee records, up to current day. You have many options for searching, by name, book and page, instrument or plan number, document type, record date, consideration and legal description. * They continue to backtrack and capture older information on our computer system so these dates are subject to change.

You can use the print option to make copies of documents as you work on these terminals. The copies will be available to you from the copy center after you submit your print request to the printer.

Instructions for using these terminals are available on each screen. If further assistance is needed in using these terminals, please ask.

Plans are also located in the index and are available dating back to 1823 up to present day. Plans were given a Plan number which is sequential in the order that they were recorded. This practice ended in December of 2013 and they are now given a docket number.

Plans are often listed under the owner’s names, Development name, Subdivision or Condo name and in some cases, abutter’s names are listed.

Plans are available for viewing on the computer system. If copies of plans are requested, you can print a smaller version from the computer or you can request a full scale print from the copy center. If an older book is not available on the computer system, or is difficult to view or print, they will make every effort to make the original document available for viewing.

Priority seating for senior citizens and persons with disabilities is available. If you need assistance, please ask the staff. There is a section of the computer terminals that are available for persons requiring this service.

Below is the physical address of the County Register:
Susan Cragin, Register
P.O. Box 248
Concord, NH 03302-0248
Phone: 603-228-0101
Fax: 603-226-0868

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