Search Public Records in Bonneville County, ID. Results May Include: Marriage and Divorce Records, Criminal Records, Birth and Death Records, Probate Documents, Land Records, Arrests, Addresses, Liens and Judgments.

Bonneville County is located in the state of Idaho. The county was established on February 7, 1911, and named after Benjamin Bonneville, a French-born officer in the U.S. Army, fur trapper, and explorer in the American West. Its county seat and largest city is Idaho Falls. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a population of approximately 104,234 people, making it the 4th most populous county in Idaho and the most populous in eastern Idaho. It covers a total area of 1,901 square miles, of which 35 square miles is water and 1,866 square miles is land. Bonneville County borders the following counties: Madison County to the north; Teton County to the north; Teton County, Wyoming, to the northeast; Lincoln County, Wyoming, to the southeast; Caribou County to the south; Bingham County to the west; and Jefferson County to the northwest.

The Bonneville County Clerk/Recorder’s Office is responsible for filing, indexing, and maintaining all records in the county. Some of the records maintained by the recorder’s office include but are not limited to liens, land records, birth records, marriage records, death records, military discharge records, and fictitious business names. These records can be obtained by visiting the recorder’s office in person during office hours, by mail, or by doing a background check online.

To do a public records search online, you will have to visit the Bonneville County Clerk/Recorder’s Website. The website has easy to follow steps and links that will direct you to the records that are available. While on the website, remember to view the fee schedule applicable when requesting public records. To obtain certified copies of public records, you will have to visit the recorder’s office in person with a completed records request form. Alternatively, you can call the recorder’s office at (208) 529-1350 and make enquiries regarding public records.

Below is the physical address of the Bonneville County Clerk/Recorder’s Office:
605 N Capital Ave
Idaho Falls, ID, 83402

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