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Bonner County, Idaho Overview

Bonner County is located in the state of Idaho. Named after Edwin L. Bonner, the county was formed in February 21, 1907 and its county seat is Sandpoint. The county has a total population of 43,560, as of 2017, with its area spanning 1919 square miles (land area being 1735 square miles, while water area being 185 square miles). The county consists of 18 ZIP codes, with ZIP code 83864 recorded as the one with the largest population. Bonner County borders the following counties: Boundary County, Idaho to the north; Kootenai County, Idaho to the south; Lincoln County, Montana to the east; Pend Oreille County, Washington to the northwest; Spokane County, Washington to the southwest, and; Sanders County, Montana and Shoshone County, Idaho to the southeast.

Bonner County Clerk Information

The County Clerk has one of the most diverse jobs of all county elected officials. Elected by partisan ballot every 4 years, the Clerk has five distinct titles as outlined in Idaho Code. Elected as the Clerk of the District Court he also serves in an ex-officio capacity as the County Auditor and Recorder.

Additionally, the position is the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners and the Chief Elections Officer for the entire county. The Bonner County Clerk, by Code, also oversees the County Assistance Office. Over 40 deputy clerks work in the various offices under the Clerk assisting him in serving the public in carrying out these duties.

Future projects in the County Clerk’s offices will involve the transition to a paperless environment in the Courthouse. The Odyssey program will begin in two counties in 2015, then expand into other counties. If all goes well, Bonner County can expect to be brought online in late 2017. This will eliminate the high cost of offsite storage.

The Bonner County Clerk oversees the Auditor’s Office, Bonner County Assistance, Elections, Genealogy, and the Recording Office.

The Auditing Department aids the independent audit of the county’s financial transactions, works with taxing districts, pays county expenses, and assists with budget preparation and submission to the county commissioners. The Auditing Department also develops quarterly reports, publishes the annual approved budget, and produces levy comparisons and levy history.

The Assistance Office assists qualified Bonner County residents in paying hospital, medical and certain other non-medical costs.

The Courts Offices include Youth Court, Drug Court, Traffic Citations, Small Claims. See the Court Assistance Officer for help filling out required court documents.

The Elections Office provides voter registration, voting location information, absentee ballots, and election results.

The Recording Office records deeds, plat maps, surveys, passports, genealogy, marriage licenses, and liquor licenses.

Below is the physical address of the County Clerk:

Michael W. Rosedale, Bonner County Clerk
Court Operations
215 South First Avenue
Sandpoint, Idaho 83864
Phone: (208) 265-1432
Fax: (888) 960-4885

Bonner County Assessor Information

Donna Gow has been with the Bonner County Assessor’ Office for over 28 years. Donna along with her husband George and sons Gregg & Michael moved to Bonner County in 1980. Donna has held positions in real estate and retail before joining the Bonner County Assessor’s Office in 1990 under Assessor Tim Cochran. She has served under 5 different Assessors gaining insight what type of management style works in the Assessor’s Office. She has over 500 hours of appraisal education through IAAO, (International Association of Assessing Offices) as well as through North Idaho College and other collegiate institutions. The family has always been involved in the community. Along with her two married sons, Donna & George have 4 grandsons.

Below is the physical address of the Assessor:

Donna Gow, Bonner County Assessor
1500 Hwy 2,
Suite 205
Sandpoint, ID 83864
Phone: (208) 265-1440

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