Search for Records in Lee County, Alabama. Results May Include: Background Check, Marriage & Divorce Records, Criminal Records, Birth & Death Records, Probate Documents, Land Records, Arrests, Addresses, Liens and Judgments

Lee County was established in Alabama as an act of legislature in 1886. The county has a total area of 616 square miles. As of the 2010 census, the county had approximately 140,247 people. The county’s seat is Opelika, and its largest city is Auburn.

People who intend to move to Lee County can check property records at the Probate Office in the county courthouse.  The office has comprehensive information on real property, including the section, plat book, and range. In addition, the asset records are submitted alongside the certified copies of the relevant documents.

Criminal records on individuals can be obtained from the Circuit and District Court located at 2311 Gateway Dr, Rm 104, Opelika, AL 36801. The offences recorded include felony, eviction, misdemeanor, traffic, and domestic relations, among others. Though the criminal records are free, some files are subject to restrictions including prohibited access to sealed files, adoption files and records on juvenile offenders. Other public records available at the Probate Judge’s office include licenses. They range from marriage licenses to fishing and hunting licenses.

Since the County Clerk’s Office has availed access to its database online, it is easy to access information without visiting the courthouse. This has improved free online background checks regarding individuals’ criminal records.  There is a directory which has a lot of details. Some of the details include inmate information and offender watch records. In addition, death records on homicide related cases can be obtained from the Sheriff’s office. This provides a criminal record on the perpetrator and details of victims.

A user can perform both basic and advanced background checks on the individuals using the free online public records. The details that the user might seek include civil judgments, small claims and free online criminal records.  Moreover, it is easy to find an old friend living in Lee County when using the online free public records. Details of everyone legally living in the county are found in the directory, including their addresses.  Therefore, by conducting a people search online, it is possible to find locations of individuals within a short time. However, these records are not put on display on publicly accessible websites.

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